Tephras.com Entry Portal

I'm working on some new things for this domain, and the subdomains within it, so it's past time for an update on this front page.

Craft Blog

Yes, I am breaking away from my many personal journals on assorted services and making a somewhat focused blog here. "Somewhat focused," you ask? Well it's a craft blog, not a knitting blog (though I expect knitting will be prevalent) and not crochet blog or a sewing blog, or a sticking paper together in interesting ways blog. Sometimes posts won't be obviously crafty in and of themselves, but instead be about things that lend themselves to general craftiness.

I have a Ravelry Store now, so there will be posts about patterns I have written for free and for sale.

Anyway, check it out over at Omnifariously Knotty.

PSP Site

Still not being updated. I'm out of the communities and while I still fire up PSP several times a week I'm not heavily into using it like I used to be. I'm keeping the old site up for people though.

My Old Hobby Pages

Was anyone ever using these? I expect what content there was in the sections not covered below to eventually turn up, in updated form, in the new craft blog.

The recipes from my old cooking page are still up and you can find more at my three headed journal. Pick the original LiveJournal, the InsaneJournal, or my newest presence on DreamWidth. InsaneJournal will be missing anything posted to LJ before I created that journal but thanks to DW's importer everything should be available at DreamWidth.

I don't muck anymore, and I likely couldn't figure out my own code without some crib sheets, but the mucking code pages still exist if anyone is using them.

I have removed my rants/rambles/other writing. I cringe when I read it now and I doubt anyone will miss any of it. I have seven(!!) unfinished NaNoWriMo novels and a handful of ideas that might see the light of day at some point. If that part of my brain gets into gear I might actually set up something like eFiction for myself. In the mean time you should head over to the eFiction site I set up for Bill "Hafoc" Rogers and read some good stuff.

My art isn't here. I haven't drawn anything to a finishing point in years. If I start drawing again maybe I'll put things back up. Or if I decide I want to gather my assorted photos of my knitting and dolls into one location. If you want to see my old art you should look at my DeviantART or Elfwood galleries. The former is more up to date than the latter.