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A MUCK is a Multi-User Creative Kingdom. Or, to be a bit more helpful, a text based world accessible by telnet or preferably one of the many client programs like my personal favorite, MUDsock. People create characters to use in these worlds and give them descriptions, perhaps build them a home, maybe a business, perhaps a bit of landscape to build the home or business on, and so on.

Personally I'm a building addict, I love to build things on MUCKs. I have created elaborate pan dimensional closets using MPI and with a command or two I can change my outfit, coloration, physical form, and so on. My rooms have scents and some have random sounds and even a phantom crowd and entertainers.

These are some of the MUCKs I have been involved with in one way or another. I'm not on all of them now but some of my building is on each of them. If you are curious about my characters visit my Menagerie.

AlfandriaMUCK - I was the original building wizard. It's a relatively young muck (it opened January 1, 1998) associated with the newsgroup alt.fan.dragons.

FurryMUCK - My first MUCK (and the first muck of a lot of people it seems). It is the original furry themed muck and as a result is simply huge. If you don't know what a furry is you can either piece it together from my menagerie page or you can simply go explore around the FurryMUCK homepage.

TimeScape - a really cool muck with a lot of furries and a neat premise. I have a subrealm off the Fantasy Realm called Prarrl Nehrrah which is home to a number of feline types.

TigerMuck - It's a bit bare compared to the other mucks in terms of 'helper' programs so you might want to think twice about making it your first muck. Larger mucks with more help staff would be a better first choice.

Sociopolitical Ramifications - Also known as SPR, it's not as serious as it sounds! The server is located in Sweden and it has a lot more European furries on it than the other MUCKs.

Realms - A small muck similar in concept to Timescape, a variety of themed areas linked by a common area. My own work appears in the Abyss, an area resembling the classical Christian vision of Hell. Work on this muck is why I started learning MUF programming, I wanted effects that no one had written programs for yet.

And if these aren't enough you can find a lot more of them by looking at Rhal's Furry MUs Connector (somewhat outdated now) or this list of Furry-themed and Furry-friendly MUCKs, MUSHes, and MUDs.

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